ACHieve Farms


Please read Sales Policy at the bottom of the page.


Our kids go fast. Those on the waiting list will be accommodated first and then available animals will be listed here and on our Facebook page.

Currently Available:

Both registered and unregistered Nigerian Dwarf and Pygmy goats available. Does, bucks, and wethers. Most are 1-2 years old.

Adult Goats


Listings are being added to the ACHieve Farms Facebook page. I have been unable to upload photos on this page.



ACHieve Farms Linda- unregistered yearling Nigerian Dwarf doe $200



 ACHieve Farms Nile- 2 year old registered pygmy buck $400

ADGA Registerable yearling Nigerian Dwarf buck- comes from excellent milk and show lines $300

ACHieve Farms Creek- 2 year old unregistered Nigerian Dwarf buck $175

ACHieve Farms Lyle- 1 year old unregistered Nigerian Dwarf buck $200

ACHieve Farms Caspian Sea- 2 year old unregistered Nigerian Dwarf buck $175

ACHieve Farms River- 2 year old unregistered Nigerian Dwarf buck $200

ACHieve Farms Bad Boy- 5 year old unregistered Nigerian Dwarf buck $150  

 ACHieve Farms Lonestar- 3 year old unregistered Pygmy buck $175

ACHieve Farms Atlantic Ocean- 2 year old unregistered Pygmy



Call 260-319-0559 (leave a message if you get the machine, we might very well be out in the barn) or email to be put on a waiting list for spring babies.


Below are our expected prices. Mostly grade animals will be available, which make great 4-H animals or pets. Prices are dependent on quality and will be posted next to each animal on the new arrival and for sale pages. All of our kids are sired by registered animals: Pygmy-NPGA & Nigerian- ADGA.

Expected Prices (Grade):

Grade Wethers: start at $100

Grade Does: start at $200

Grade Bucks: start at $200



Registered Wethers: start at $125

Registered Does: start at $400

Registered Bucks: start at $400

Adult animals may be offered from time to time.


**Prices are dependent on quality and pedigree. Bucks are only sold from our herd if we feel that they are buck quality. If we do not feel that he would make a quality buck, he will be sold as a wether.**

Discounts may be given when purchasing multiple animals.

Polled Herefords

We have a Hereford bulls for sale. Contact for more information.

Sales Policy

  • Single goats will not be sold unless they have another goat companion with them at their new home. Goats are herd animals and do not do well alone.
  • A deposit of half of the price of the goat is required to hold the goat.
  • Available animals will be offered to those at the top of the wait-list first and will move down the list if still available. After one week the animal will be offered to the next person on the list.
  • All goats are disbudded for both their safety as well as the other goats and humans around them. Wethers will be castrated after 8 weeks of age as this decreases the risk of them developing urinary calculi.
  • Babies are also dam raised so that they get the benefits of their mother's milk. Only in unavoidable circumstances (i.e. the dam is unable to care for the kid or it is in the best interest of the kid) will a kid be bottle raised.
  • My animals are not raised as meat goats and will not be sold as meat goats. 
  • The environment that an animal is placed in directly affects an animal's health and development. As I cannot control the environment that an animal is in once it has left our farm, I cannot guarantee the health or development of the animal after it has left our property.


ACHieve Farms does not endorse any companies/organizations that may advertise on this site.